WIG Designer


Since a young girl, Leianei has always been a very compassionate, and nurturing individual. She always wanted to have her own beauty salon since childhood. She began the training to achieve this dream, but life had a different plan for her. She shared her gift of compassion and love for people by spending over 15 years working in the healthcare field. Hospice care was where she gave the most of herself. Inside, her creativity always wanted to be released. She is also a talented artist, that enjoys oil and acrylic painting. Now, she has joined her gift of creativity, with the dream she has always had of being in the world of beauty. Here she can share the compassion, and care for people she has inside, along with her creativity. You will feel the love fromLEIsCLOSURES!

THE Beginning


LEIsCLOSURES began in 2014 after I had a horrible experience with a wig I purchased. I felt so ripped off and deceived after within weeks the beautiful wig I had purchased began to shed, and the hair texture went from beautiful curls to matted straw. In disbelief, I contacted the company, and they blamed me for the cause of this. After 1 month I had a huge patch of hair missing in the front of my wig! So I took matters into my own hands. I already had 5 years of experience making machine sewn wigs. I then began to take hair ventilation lessons. After thousands of hours learning and perfecting my craft, I have created my own technique of ventilation. I am proud to say that LEIsCLOSURES has created, and sold hundreds of beautiful hairpieces, and wigs throughout the USA, and Internationally. From this experience, I made a promise to stand behind my work and give superior customer service to every customer. LEIsCLOSUREShas a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE POLICY with every hair piece. 



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